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Passive Fire Protection System

There are two basic forms of fire Protection :
1. Passive (Coating, mortars, pillows, panels etc.) : Passive Fire Protection measures are intendedto contain a fire in the fire compartment of origin (compartmentlisation), thus atopping the spread of the fire and corrosive, fatal fuel gases for a limited period of time. There is no ativation method required.

2. Active (Sprinklers, Suppression, Extinguisher etc.) : Active means that items or systems are 'activated' mechanically or electronically and require a certain amount of motion or 'activity' in order to function.

Types of Passive Fire Protection :
1. Intumescent
2. Endothermic
3. Ablative
4. Insulative

Why Passive fire protection is necessary ?
1. To protect people and assets.
2. To prevent flame spread of other areas.
3. To prevent the spread of corrosive, toxic gases and acids.
4. To adhere to national and company standards or the requirements of insurers.

KBS Coating

A tough permanent fire protective coatingfor electrical cables and penetration seals.

KBS Panel Seal

3 hour rated Single and Double penetration seals.

KBS Mortar Seal

4 hour fire rated expanding Mortar for cable penetration.

KBS Sealbags

4 Hour rated expanding pillows for cable penetrations.

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